Host and Executive Producer Lisa Smith Putnam’s {LSP} successful career in broadcast media spans more than thirty years. Her company currently has projects encompassing all aspects of media, which allows Lisa to pursue her passion for communication on all levels, and this includes with all types of people and don’t forget, animals too!

Lisa has done radio, television and music and publishing! In all areas, she’s been very successful!

If you expect to see the typical bio . . . well you won’t get it from Lisa Smith Putnam {LSP} as she is definitely not your typical person nor is she leading the typical life with an ordinary career.  

What do you say about someone who is anything but ordinary? Someone who has not just made a splash, but seems to leave indelible ripples wherever she goes and with everything she touches . . .

Lisa loves life and is determined to make every minute count. When she was a little girl someone gave her a gift that ultimately became the mantra for how she lives. The gift? It’s a small plaque that can be hung on a wall or using the back flap, placed on one’s desk. Lisa keeps it on her desk, as it’s only the size of her hand. It has a very simple message on it, simply saying, “What you are is God’s gift to you and what YOU make of yourself is your gift to God.” The author is unknown but the message is clear and to everyone Lisa comes across, she convey it with all her being. Life is precious and to quote Lisa she “wants to get to the pearly gates and say to God ‘Thank you for all my wonderful gifts! I have taken those gifts and did all I could with them. I hope I have made you proud’, as I have given as much as I received and hopefully more”. So if you want to know who Lisa is just look at what she stands for, which is evident in all she’s doing.

Lisa loves people, animals and all areas of media. Combine those three things and you get a good idea of what she might be up to currently! But lets go back and take a look at some of her accomplishments up to now.

Having been at the helm of her media and communications company spanning more than thirty years, managing several successful Platinum selling recording artists, working as executive producer for artists of the caliber of Tupac Shakur, hired to procure and produce a specialty album for Microsoft co-owner Paul Allen, launching a critically acclaimed television music program “Your Music Network”, and traveling the world with four time heavy weight boxing champion and fellow music lover, Evander Holyfield, while handling his business affairs along with those of his family are only a few of Lisa’s achievements. one of her latest loves is the Simply Pets Lifestyle Brand! A lifestyle company she has built for people who loves pets and animals.  The company encompasses all areas of media and is a national/international brand. These have all, like a pebble tossed in a pond, brought Lisa to where she is in the present moment enjoying Laughing, Sharing and Playing everyday!

Lisa’s deep love of people, animals and media provides the motivation behind all that she’s achieved, but it is her love of family that makes her who she is as a person, someone overflowing with love and a desire to bring all of us together.


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