As Lisa Tells It – Life Is Pretty Awesome!

What could be better than waking up each morning knowing that you are meant to be here for the purpose of fulfilling all your heart’s desires? In the end you certainly do not want to leave with any regrets, that’s for sure!

Currently, you can find Lisa hosting her Pet radio show formerly“Your Pets My Dogs”, but known now as SIMPLY PETS RADIO ( Her new book on pet etiquette, “Petetiquette”, in which she is the Ms. Manners for pets, is due out in October 2016. And the month prior, September 2016, Lisa’s new pet magazine “Simply Pets Magazine” ( launches nationwide. This isn’t all; Lisa will also be involved, front and center, in several of her other loves, a show dedicated to our PetKids... Simply Pets Shopping Network and Lisa Smith Putman’s Talk Show”, a place for all people to come together and,!

If you enjoyed the variety talk shows of yester year you know how perfect Lisa is to host the variety talk show of today! She makes you smile, makes you laugh and helps you escape into a world of fun, forgetting all the troubles of the day! Lisa’s love of music (after all she IS the “female black Dick Clark”) is what connects her to all the things she loves in life! Having had a very successful test run with “Back Home With Lisa Smith-Putnam” with overwhelmingly positive reviews, Lisa is thrilled to announce that a new season of her variety talk show will return to television in the spring of 2017.

Lisa’s incredible love of people, animals and music is the motivating factor for all that she’s accomplished, but it is her love of family that makes her who she is in this life, someone overflowing with love and a need for togetherness.

When you first meet Lisa, as much as she has going on, it will be YOU who will be made to feel special. In those moments you will KNOW that Lisa would rather be nowhere else, but there getting to know you. That’s the beauty of Lisa. Her life is one amazing story after another and there is no better storyteller! She can entertain for hours on end if asked.

Some of her favorite projects haven’t even been mentioned yet because they’re so special we don’t want them to get lost in the fray. But to give you a hint “Walk A Mile In Your Shoes” is in development. This is a show that will pull at the heartstrings of people from all walks of life. “Round Robin” is another favorite, a game show she has in the works that is just hilarious! This show is being created for participants of all ages; even little children can play, and surely they will!